Crying Fist (2005)

Genre: Drama

Crying Fist (Jumeogi unda) is written and directed by experienced Korean director - Seung-wan Ryoo. It's worth mentioning that his brother Seung-beom Ryu is playing main role, which is not their first collaboration. A quite talented family.

Film tells two separate tragic stories about two man, each of whom are struggling with problems presented by their life's, only common things between them are their failures and boxing, a dying sport in Korea.

One man is middle aged Olympic Silver medal winner Gang Tae-shik (portrayed by excellent actor Min-sik Choi), whose prime time and fame is long gone, struggling with financial trouble and trying to save his falling apart family. Earning money on streets part time, working as human punchbag...

Other one is adolescent, mean looking Yoo Sang-hwan (Seung-beom Ryu) who always makes trouble. His father tries hard to protect him, but eventually he lands in jail, where he is met by even bigger problems. However, a prison guard invites Yoo Sang-hwan to learn boxing, which he accepts thinking it will help release his anger against this unfair world.

Life and it's challenges...

Great drama with two strong lead actors, well worth a watch.

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