Fighter in the Wind (2004)

Genre: Drama, Action, Biography

Fighter in the Wind (Baramui Fighter) is based on a life story of famous karate master Masutatsu Oyama, who changed his name later in life from Choi Yeung-Eui. Directed by Yun-ho Yang.

While World War 2 is still being fought, a young man from Korea named Choi Bae-dal (portrayed by Dong-kun Yang) travels to Japan with hopes of becoming airplane pilot, however upon arrival his fate decides differently, leading him into trouble. He accepts fates challenges, and becomes a fighter. Many obstacles in his way, conflicts with Japanese people due to his Korean origin, loss of his master, harsh training, all of which leads to more than 270 accounted fights in his life, as a result him becoming legend of Japanese Karate.

While not completely factual, it's still interesting and well made movie. A great mix between Japanese martial arts and characteristic to Korea drama. Highly recommended  to anyone interested in biographical movies about great personalities in martial arts.

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