No Mercy (2010)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

No Mercy (Yongseoneun Eupda) is another fantastic, yet unknown for most gem from Korean cinema, and a great debut of director Hyoung-Jun Kim, strengthened by good cast of experienced actors and beautiful cinematography.

Forensic pathologist Kang Min-ho (Kyung-gu Sol) is involved in investigation of a serial killer who is known for decapitating his victims. Soon police finds a suspect, odd environmental activist Lee Seong-ho (Seung-beom Ryu), who doesn't confess but clearly is somehow involved, he then starts to play a strange game with Kang Min-ho, whose daughter untimely appears to be missing.

Another somber thriller about serial killers in best traditions of Korean movies, as a highlight featuring some quite disturbing and revealing scenes from daily work of medical examiner. Add to that masterfully crafted ending that that was a huge surprise for me personally and you got a winner. 

Overall No Mercy really reminded of  Fincher's Se7en, which I think is a golden standard of serial killer movies, and it's a good thing.

If you want suspenseful, revengeful and intense thriller about serial killers, No Mercy delivers.

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  1. I watched this movie today, ( Netflix). It was Outstanding. Very well written, Excellent Plot, Great Actress/ Actors. Love it.

  2. awesome movie..suggest some more movie which create thriller like no mercy...

  3. hi I am from Bangladesh Really This is nice movie. I like this movie. Which tell in bengali "puray joss, Fatafati"
    really superb story and awesome making. Pls suggest more this type movie.Thanx

  4. Mesmerizing ! Brilliant performance for the lead actor !

  5. pls give me the link of this movie with english subtitles

  6. Korean Revenge Tragedy that robbed me of my peace of mind. Absolute mind blower. Excellent.