Sex is Zero (2002)

Genre: Comedy, Romance

And now for something completely different, or perhaps just a tiny bit lighter in the mood. Sex is Zero (Saekjeuk shigong). One of the highest grossing Korean comedies ever by director Je-gyun Yun.

Story follows 28 year old college student Eun-shik Jang (Chang Jung Lim). He is skilled in martial arts, has just finished mandatory army service, but he is completely socially awkward around others. Fortunately (or unfortunately for his serious learning pledge) he encounters fellow army man who had served in his division, and is persuaded to join student club of bodily fitness, where they try to make their bodies invulnerable. Soon, however, he falls in love with charming freshman student Eun-hyo Lee (Ji-won Ha), but he is given cold shoulder, as she fancies someone else. Will Eun-shik will be able to win her over?

Obvious Korean nod to American comedies, notably of very popular at that time American Pie. And it contains everything you could expect from such sex comedy. Dirty jokes, seemingly dumb main character that gets into inappropriate situations all the time and so on. However it wouldn't be Korean movie without strong flavor of drama mixed into it, for a brief time this crazy comedy show slows down and becomes earnest.

If you liked comedies such as mentioned American Pie, you will enjoy it, if you didn't, it's still worth to give a shot, as it still contains many Korean specific elements that you won't find elsewhere.

Entertaining, a bit vulgar but nonetheless fun comedy, definitely not for everyone, but it's impossible to please everybody :)

There is sequel released in 2007 simply called Sex is Zero 2, so it might be a good idea to check it out too, if you will enjoy this one.

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