Oldboy you ask? Oldboy, Spike Lee replies. (2013)

UPD: Trailer has been released can be viewed here

10 years have passed since release of the original and now it's time to have a look at first official poster for Hollywood's remake of Korean classic Oldboy.

You can see the actor Josh Brolin who will portray Min-sik Choi's charming character whom we all come to love so much from the original. I don't have high hopes for this, but Spike Lee can sometimes surprise with his moviemaking skills and it will definitely be interesting to see western take on such unusual and cruel story.

To be released in October, 2013.

(don't bother visiting the site mentioned on the poster as it's not yet working)

By clicking Read more button below you can see some unused posters that had been leaked before.


  1. thank you for this site, i downloaded some of the films you recommended, looking forward to see them


  2. Looking fwd to the movie, though I really doubt it can capture the excitement of the original @ Top 10 Korean Movies - New Wave

  3. I'll not watch this version tis a joke.

  4. it wasn't very good... I watched it on opening night... it was somewhat entertaining, but lacked the oomph of the original... Just, not up to par at all. Watched on its own, it's still an interesting flick, but compared to Park Chan Wook's - not even close. Not. Even. Close.