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Full list of recommendations found on this site in order they were added:
  1. Oldboy (2003) - Drama, Thriller, Mystery
  2. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) - Crime, Drama, Thriller
  3. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) - Crime, Drama, Thriller
  4. The Chaser (2008) - Crime, Drama, Thriller
  5. A Bloody Aria (2006) - Drama, Thriller
  6. Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005) - Comedy, Drama, War
  7. Fighter in the Wind (2004) - Action, Drama, Biography
  8. 3-Iron (2004) - Drama, Romance
  9. 2009 Lost Memories (2002) - Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi, Thriller
  10. The Man From Nowhere (2010) - Action, Crime, Thriller
  11. Crying Fist (2005) - Drama
  12. Guns and Talks (2001) - Action, Comedy, Drama
  13. The Host (2006) - Comedy, Drama, Horror
  14. Oasis (2002) - Drama
  15. I Saw the Devil (2010) - Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
  16. A Dirty Carnival (2006) - Crime, Drama, Thriller
  17. No Mercy (2010) - Crime, Drama, Thriller
  18. My Sassy Girl (2001) - Comedy, Romance
  19. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2003) - Drama
  20. The City of Violence (2006) - Action, Crime, Drama
  21. Failan (2001) - Drama
  22. Joint Security Area (2000) - Drama, Thriller, War
  23. Silmido (2003) - Drama, Thriller
  24. The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008) - Action, Adventure, Western
  25. Memories of Murder (2003) - Crime, Drama, Mystery
  26. Sex is Zero (2002) - Comedy, Romance
  27. Samaria (2004) - Drama
  28. Secret Sunshine (2007) - Drama
  29. Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (2004) - Action, Drama, War
  30. Save the Green Planet (2003) - Action, Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi
  31. Attack the Gas Station! (1999) - Comedy
  32. Mother (2009) - Crime, Drama, Thriller
  33. Once Upon a Time In High School (2004) - Drama
  34. A Bittersweet Life (2005) - Action, Crime, Drama
  35. Cruel Winter Blues (2006) - Crime, Drama
  36. The Client (2011) - Crime, Mystery, Thriller
  37. Shiri (1999) - Action, Crime, Drama
  38. Poetry (2010) - Drama
  39. Thirst (2009) - Drama, Horror
  40. Friend (2001) - Crime, Drama
  41. Yellow Sea (2010) - Crime, Drama, Thriller
  42. Castaway on the Moon (2009) - Comedy, Drama, Romance
  43. Voice of a Murderer (2007) - Drama, Thriller
  44. I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (2006) - Comedy, Drama, Romance
  45. No Mercy For The Rude (2006) - Crime, Comedy, Drama
  46. Going by the Book (2007) - Crime, Comedy
  47. Bleak Night (2010) - Drama
  48. Peppermint Candy (1999) - Drama
  49. Pieta (2012) - Drama
  50. New World (2012) - Crime, Thriller
  51. Howling (2012) - Crime, Thriller, Mystery
  52. The Berlin File (2013) - Action, Drama, Thriller


  1. Hi!

    Thank you for this awesome site! I have seen some of the recommendations you have given and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

    I really like the mystery movies in general, just wondering if there are mystery movies that don't involve crime out there.


    1. Unfortunately can't think of any like that right now :(

    2. Thanks for this site, I have seen some of the recommended movies and they were grate. I have seen other shows and what action and acting.

    3. Do U knows the name of the movie where they are in a forest, there are mobsters and kickass boss fights and the hero has a bad ass sniper rifle and A SWORD!!! The twist ending was that these two have been battling it out for centuries and it all has to do with the girl....does this ring a bell?!?

    4. It's Japanese movie called Versus :)

  2. Won't you try to update it with new arrivals from Korea??? Seems great collection.. upto now i have seen almost 10 out of these.. Update it Man!!

  3. Hi, great list with a few I'm gonna check out.

    Just wanted to say theres a film called 'A Moment To Remember", which is the greatest romance movie i've ever seen (shits on The Notebook). I recommend if you havent seen it already.


  4. Great stuff.....I have managed to acquire almost all of them

  5. My Way ...a superb war movie ...korean

  6. Masquerade (2012)

  7. Wonderful site! Thank you, this is just what I've been looking for!!

    I just watched Silenced/The Crucible yesterday. Was wondering if you've seen it :)

    Also, I recommend Bleak Night, if you havent seen it. It's absolutely amazing.

    Thank you for the reviews!

  8. Hi! I would like to recommend:
    "A Tale of Two Sisters" and "Moss"

  9. don't forget shi-gan (time)
    i think it is one of the best movies of all time

  10. help on what website will i get these movies. my net speed is 2mbps. thanks.

  11. Fantastic site, keep the new recommendations coming!

  12. try on piratebay. almost all movies are available.
    Please upload some more recommendations!
    Request from India.

  13. Thanks very much for going to the time and effort to set up the site. I've seen a couple on your list and your comments on those are spot on. Oh dear more movies to watch on the advice here and so little time to do it in. A delightful dilemma.

  14. Thanks a lot. Keep on adding new films to the list.

  15. Please update With latest movies. -From india

  16. A great list, thanks! I also really recommend Cyrano Agency!

  17. The Harmonium in My Memory - semi autobiography of Ha Keum-chan, 'Female Student' & "Always"...............
    and a great performance from Min-sik Choi in "Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time "

  18. I was so deeply moved and touched by this wonderfully crafted Korean movie. i used to love the action packed suspenseful thriller movies, but sometimes, when a rarely find wonderful romantic movie could also melt my stubborn old heart deeply trembled with the ultimate soft feeling of a human being. what i'd like to point out here is that the koreans actually are the most romantic race in the world, it's so contradict to what they usually showed to other people. the formulaic Korean national characteristics being cruelly portrayed are obnoxious, stubborn, arrogant, impolite, impatient and sometimes, very illogically unreasonable. but these are actually wrong, because deep down in most Korean hearts, they are just so helplessly romantic, otherwise, they won't be able to produce so many wonderful break-your-heart tear-jerking romance dramas in both TV and movies and, if they are good, they are not just commonly good, they are crazily fantastic!

    you should get rid of what you've already become and watch this movie with the tenderness that still not die in your heart. and i sincerely believe that after watching this movie, you would feel better and become a nicer person, temporarily, of course.

    About : The Harmonium in My Memory & Always
    In Honor of KOREAN KWAK'S FAMILY in Sydney Australia

  19. good list. I should recommend to add couple of more (maybe not so popular but still good in my oppinion):
    Art of Fighting (2006) "Ssaum-ui gisul"

    My Love Yurie (2007) "Nae Sa-rang Yoo-ri-e"

    both have some subtle humour which I really enjoy in movies

  20. No mercy (2011) ... can anybody create torrent for 720p and share

    Thanks in advance

  21. i'm looking for a movie/drama in korean/japanese in which the female lead can see colors around people by which she's able to tell their emotions, also if they are lying or telling truth
    pls help.

    1. 'Girl Detective Park Hae Sol'
      This is a mini series which has 4 episodes.

  22. You forgot A Moment to Remember, Sunny, Silenced but very disturbing.

  23. Seom
    Nameless Gangster

    1. Yes these need to be on the list as well.

  24. I am an Indian, but a big fan of Korean movies. Think you have missed Memories of Murder here...

  25. A tale of two sisters need to be on this list as well. Great and intelligent horror film.

    1. Agree. It's one of my all time favorite movie.

  26. Am looking for educational Korean movies that relate to cultures..thnx n advance.

  27. Thank you for your nice website. I love your selection. I have seen most of the ones before 2010 but I feel like I want to see them again and discover the recent ones. You can see my top 5 I posted a while ago on a french website:

  28. Public Enemy is a great film, as are the sequels. Also a film called Black House 2007 which was pretty good. Also you haven't listed any of the Whispering Corridors movies which were very influential.

  29. what a list buddy i have collected and watch almost 10 films from the list they are outstanding. please upgrade the list .please...

  30. This is great! By far THE most comprehensive list covering such a vast array of genre's. Thanks! Thanks!

    "A warewolf boy" for the depth of character potrayed by such young actors. Amazing.
    BEWARE : most horrendously heart wrenching movie.

  31. Very nice list. After living in Korea for a few years I gained an appreciation of Korean cinema. Haven't seen all of them but Memories of Murder tops my list. Brilliant film. I'll add a suggestion of 'Breathless' (똥파리: Shit fly) to the list.

  32. there is a movie called the thieves. this movie was releases in 2012. one of the best comedy and heist film with one of the best climax. A little complicated but one can enjoy it regardless...

  33. I'm a Thirst, 3-iron, saw the devil kind of guy, like movies they try to make an art with music and great cinematography.

    Check "Bedevilled" its one of those movies.

  34. Glad I came across your blog. What a great job, aesthetic and interesting information. Thanks

  35. no sunny?

  36. i strongly feel, Perfect Number should be there n your list..

  37. I'm an Indian and have watched every movie here. I keep wondering why the rest of the world is still taking time to catch up with you guys. Really amazing movies you guys make. Holly and Bollywood is just apeshit.

  38. Wow your site is great I can't believe it took me so long to find, I just watched Happiness for Sale and I would agree with Old Boy being on the top... and the background is really nice..

  39. Take a look at R-Point =

  40. thank you very much for this , i had seen a few on this list before I came across your blog (from comments on pirate bay) but now I have loads more to watch !
    Thanks again

  41. I highly recommend you watch Silenced. It's one of my favourite films, personally I preferred it over Oldboy.

  42. Thnk you for all this information!!

    you should add the good: cold ayes, life terror, and my favourite The Way Home (집으로 – Jibeuro)

  43. thanks for the great list, waiting for updates ...

  44. Many thanks to you.. I really appreciate your effort and because of you, I have watched good quality movies..=) Keep up the good work

  45. Hi, i really appreciate the work you're doing here.
    I started watching korean movies with Oldboy and My Sassy girl and instantly fell in love with them and i've been a regular viewer of korean films since then.Ive been trying to find good korean movies since then and your site helped me alot.
    also i want to recommend some films you might enjoy them ->Musa, Tazza-The High Rollers, The Big Swindle, The Face Reader, The Thieves, War Of Arrows, 71-Into The Fire, Masquerade, The Flu, The King And The Clown, The Terro Live, Breathless, A Tale of Two Sisters, Unbowed, A Moment to Remember

  46. I'd like to add my voice to those above thanking you for helping me get into Korean films.

  47. Whats the Title of this movie about a Photography teacher who donated his heart to his girlfriend when he passed away.Thanks

  48. Hi. Do you what's the title of that mOvie AbOut a girl who lives with his monk uncle when she was little and she has a disease and she always wear a yellow raincoat.

  49. Great list bro! I would recommend a movie called 'Failan'. Watch it if only for the heart rending climax.

  50. Just stopping by to thank you for your great recommendations! Have a wonderful day~ :)