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  1. tell me something. its an awesome movie in par with the usual suspects

  2. Breathless (2008)

  3. "Duelist" (2005)
    The best movie ever made. Seriously.It's an artistic masterpiece.
    The one movie that made me fell in love with Koreas culture,language and of course, movies and dramas.

  4. The Suspect (2013)

  5. "The Handmaiden" directed by Park Chan-wook ("Oldboy").

    An erotic mystery-thriller set in Korea when the country was under Japanese colonial rule. The story, acting, and cinematography are all top-notch, imo. I don't want to spoil anything, but I think it's one of those films where it's best to just jump right into without knowing anything about it beforehand - makes the first viewing experience that much more amazing. Do check out the trailer, though!

    Also, the movie's definitely rated R, as there are some very sexually explicit and graphic scenes, so just a heads up. The movie is quite unconventional, in general, and is truly an arthouse masterpiece.

  6. A man and a woman movie....is great as well....great acting yoo gong and jo yeon...exceptional characterisation...and desperation depicted...with good cinematography...picteresque locations