Behind the Scenes of Oldboy

Oldboy is probably THE most popular Korean movie in the world, and has proved itself as a great starting point for many movie fans who are discovering Korean cinema for the first time. And it's a starting point for this blog as well, being first post made here.

While browsing I accidentally stumbled upon this amazing video that was included with collectors edition of Oldboy and which some good soul uploaded has Youtube. A behind the scenes / Making Of documentary.

Cinematography, acting, story. Everything in this movie is on the highest level. And now we have chance, for more than three hours to be a part of it.

To see genius personality of director Chan-wook Park in person. To see famous actors like Byung-hun Lee and Kang-ho Song paying casual visits to set just to have a few laughs with friends. Interaction of crew and actors. Technical difficulties and filming techniques. And to see how many octopus were eaten during famous scene? Priceless.

It's amazing insight into Korean working culture and brilliant personalities who are behind this movie.

A treat to any movie fan. And with american remake of Oldboy soon hitting cinemas, it's about time to remember what made the original so great.

Attack the Gas Station (1999)

Genre: Comedy

Attack the Gas Station (Juyuso seubgyuksageun) is crime comedy from South Korea directed by Sang-Jin Kim. It is considered by many as one of the best comedies that have come out of Korea, not all will agree with this sentiment, yet undoubtedly this film has it's own charm.

For quite anarchistic youths are enjoying their evening meal, when suddenly an idea pops into their heads: "Lets rob a gas station!". So they just go and do that. However, stations manager, had been robbed before (coincidentally by the same group!) has taken precaution and stashed all the money away. When youngsters discover that cash register is almost empty, they decide to take over the station, disguise as workers, and keep it open, earning money the hard way. Of course to do so, they have to take stations workers as hostage.

When I watched this movie for the first time, at the beginning I was reluctant to keep on going, but thankfully I kept on watching and grew to love the setting and characters, and by the end I was rooting for characters like they were my friends.

A great dark humor comedy, with, I'd say, original plot. Strongest part of the movie, definitely are the characters of the bad guys. They are perfectly cast and each bring their own different elements to the table. Charismatic, energetic, always moving forward and most important funny all the way.

There is a sequel simply called Attack the Gas Station 2, directed by the same director, but I haven't seen it myself, so you might want to find it yourself if this one will be to your liking.

It's a long night at the gas station, for robbers, workers and the clients. Adventure worth seeing.

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Oldboy (2003)

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Oldboy (Oldeuboi) probably is the most famous and well known Korean movie in the west, which has attract many new viewers to Asian cinema. It won many awards in Europe, including Grand Prix of the Jury at 57th Cannes Film Festival. As with many Asian films, currently there are plans for Hollywood remake to be directed by Spike Lee.

It's second movie in Chan-wook Park's so called Vengeance trilogy (movies are not connected by plot, only by theme, so viewing order is not important!).

Story follows man (played by brilliant Korean actor Choi Min-sik) who has been held captive in small apartment for 10 years, and reasons of this imprisonment are unknown to him. Once he is set free, he goes onto quest of vengeance to find his captors. Quite brutal, even shocking to some, yet beautiful movie.

A must see for any movie fan!

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