Bleak Night (2010)

Genre: Drama

Bleak Night (Pasookkoon) is what you might call an indie film that started out as graduation project, made by young director Sung-Hyun Yoon and young actor crew, that gained many praising critic reviews and awards in local movie scene.

Big thanks to reader who goes by nickname poolfish1 for bringing this one to my attention!

As the movie starts, we follow a disheartened father (Seong-ha Jo), who is now alone in his family. His wife, mother of his son has died long time ago, and his son recently committed suicide. Looking for answers and trying to understand reasons of his sons demise, he seeks for classmates and friends of his son.

The premise of this movie really simple. After the questions are being asked, the focus of movie entirely shifts to the boys, son and his friends. The narrative of the movie follows two paths, one of present time, and one of reminiscing past, where complicated relationships of these highschool boys are show, and these paths intersect each other in artistically seamless way.

 As Aristotel had said once:
What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.
Important theme in the movie is said friendship. How our actions form grudges and they in their turn form cracks in foundation of this trust of most importance that's given to people close to us. And how this abusing this trust may lead to bleaker consequences. It also provides insight into what may lead a person to suicide.

The cinematography of this film is gorgeous, I absolutely adore the visual style used in it. The sound is perfect. The actors, a performances of highest levels, not a single miscast. I hope they along with director of the film will have bright future in cinema world.

A slow paced, even meditative film, full of sadness and regrets. Some may find it uneventful and boring, some will love it. In my eyes, it's a masterpiece. Highly recommended (but not for everyone).

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